Vacation Rentals

Sunrise Cleaning Service has been Cleaning vacation rentals in Santa Cruz County for 17 years.

We work very closely with a number of commercial rental agencies and private clients with their own home that they use or rent out to others. The details of each home are always different.

We will personally see to it that you get a customized cleaning procedure for your own vacation home or commercial rental.

  • All areas of the home cleaned and sanitized
  • Fridges cleaned & perishables disposed of
  • A quick check of drawers and cabinets for cleanliness
  • Linens washed and replaced (if provided)
  • Outdoor areas checked for trash
  • Furniture cleaned
  • Hot tubs checked for cleanliness
  • Garages & patios swept
  • All garbage removed to outside receptacles

Our cleaners will check over the entire house for any damage or excessive messes or garbage and report them immediately to the Sunrise Cleaning Service office.

If you are considering using your own home as a vacation rental, here are some recommendations:

  • Consider making one of the closets or cabinets one that locks it is useful for extra supplies and linens it is also useful if you plan on using the home for your own vacations.
  • Having two lock boxes outside the home (one hidden) is useful in case your renter locks themselves out. No need to send someone with an extra key.
  • Having a check out list of things the renter is responsible for such as turning off all lights, taking out the garbage, collecting linens and putting in one location. Most renters are agreeable to doing these types of things.
  • It is up to you what you would like to provide for your renters but a well-stocked home with games videos and outdoor playing equipment such as bicycles and beach toys will help to bring your renters back next season.

If you have any questions about turning your home into a vacation rental we’d be happy to help. Just give us a call 831.421.9664 or e-mail us.