Sunrise Is A Pet Friendly Cleaning Service

Pet Hair? Dander? Carpet Stains? These are some of the challenges you face in keeping your house clean when you have pets. Sunrise Cleaning Service is experienced in cleaning homes with pets – we know how to eliminate pet odors, hair, dander, and stains safely and effectively. If you are looking for move-out cleaning, we offer deep cleaning services guaranteed to remove cat and dog hair & dander from carpets, minimize or eliminate carpet stains caused by pets. Contact us to schedule a quote.

Some of our pet specific cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning for pet hair and dander
  • Rental move-out cleaning
  • Carpet spot cleaning or full cleaning
  • Pet odor & flea abatement
  • Cleaning for people with pet allergies
  • We can make recommendations to other local vendors for duct cleaning

Not only do we take great care of your home and pets while we work, we have a variety of special cleaning services and techniques for pet owners or property managers with pet related cleaning needs.

All of our cleaning products are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety when we clean your home.

Our carpet cleaning staff is specially trained in dealing with pet stains. We use Ultra Violet urine and pet stain detectors to find stains that you can smell, but you can’t see.