Meet Tracy Taylor, CEO of Sunrise Cleaning Service

Tracy TaylorAs a young girl raised on a farm, Tracy Taylor and her family learned many ways to provide good food for their family while remaining environmentally and chemically conscious. Later in her adult life, Tracy moved to the environmentally-conscious Santa Cruz area, choosing to work for a local grocery store chain.

After an injury forced her to retire from cashiering, she decided to take her career in a different direction, thus creating Sunrise Cleaning Service. Her strong feelings about how one’s environment can impact their lives, along with a desire to eliminate the adverse effects of excess home chemical usage, led her to design a cleaning service which delivers superior service while paying strict attention to improving both the environments of the client and the planet. This is Tracy’s way of spreading the word and educating her clients to the lessons she lived and learned as a child.

Tracy knows her business from the ground up. As the demand for Sunrise’s services grew and the pain of her injury increased, she found it necessary to relinquish her position as a cleaner. The strategy was to find other hard working individuals that have the same environment-conscious attitude and would execute Tracy’s same high standards. As a result, a thriving company has emerged with the quality, safety and consistency in service that has produced hundreds of very satisfied customers.

Tracy is now the CEO of Sunrise Cleaning Service. She offers a 100% guarantee that every aspect of your cleaning needs & expectations will be met when doing business with her company.

Please ask for a free quote, then check out Sunrise Cleaning Service’s Green Clean Blog, which contains dozens of tips along with a list of alternative, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to help keep your home safe and chemical-free.

In the fight to rid the environment of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, Our purchasing power is our greatest weapon. You can start to make informed choices about what to buy only after you identify the sources of exposure — not an easy task. With Sunrise Cleaning Service, you will have knowledgeable assistance.