About the Company

We Are Dedicated Professionals

Sunrise Cleaning Service hires dependable, honest people. They attend the company’s thorough training sessions to assure the highest standards and follow written policies and procedures. No one is sent out alone until they fully understand and have a professional grasp of quality house cleaning.

Once trained, only our licensed, bonded and insured staff will enter your property and then only for the expressed purpose of cleaning according to your schedule and specifications. In addition, all employees’ Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Social Security and all taxes are paid by Sunrise Cleaning Service.

An Attitude of Excellence

At Sunrise Cleaning Service, an attitude of excellence is paramount in our approach, when hiring staff, and managing our business. Our staff views their work as a career, not just a job and take personal pride in a job well done.

We Provide Lifestyle

We provide quality time for you to do the really important things in life – pursuing your career, going to lunch with friends, your children’s or grandchildren’s soccer games, school activities, family events, lunch at the fine restaurants in our area. Did we mention shopping? There are so many more exciting things for you to do with your time rather than cleaning. Let us do the cleaning. You just enjoy the results.

Save Time, Money, Effort

You’ll be surprised at how economical our service truly is. First, we’ll conduct a FREE consultation to discuss what needs to be done. This will establish an estimate of our time and cost. Cleaning can be scheduled for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just once in a while.

Environmental Consciousness

If your household cleaning needs are under control and your concern is for the possible effects of short or long-term exposure to cleaning and other household products, you may benefit from a consultation with the experts at Sunrise Cleaning Service.

With only a couple of visits from our knowledgeable staff and you can be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

You watch what you eat, take precautions in your everyday lives, purchase things such as insurance, baby safety gates, and smoke detectors— why not remove the very things that are harming you in a slow unnoticeable way?

Sunrise Cleaning Service is focused on saving the environment, educating the public about the dangers of household chemicals, and dedicated to providing its clients and the public with the tools to eliminate toxins from their homes.