COVID-19 (coronavirus) News from Sunrise Cleaning Service

During the anticipated transition back to work and normal life, here at Sunrise, we want you to know that we are gearing up with a healthy staff to manage the influx of our customers’ cleaning needs.

We know that getting back to work is important, and getting back safely is our main concern.

We have expanded our options for individual homes and businesses in regards to sanitizing surfaces. In addition to what we use on a normal basis, we have added a product on the EPA’s “N” list, to sanitize surfaces of any viral entities. We have selected a product that aligns with our environmentally friendly approach to household and commercial cleaning and holds and meets the EPA standards. EPA-approved disinfectant.

We would also like to offer to our retail and commercial clients a “Cleaning Statement” that can be displayed in the entrance window of the facility.

This link will take you to a PDF so that you may print it. COVID Proof of Sanitation

Santa Cruz House Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning

Sunrise Cleaning Service is an environmentally-friendly cleaning service that uses only non-toxic products to clean homes & businesses.

  • Serving Santa Cruz County
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Well-trained, reliable housecleaners
  • Bonded, Licensed and Insured

Sunrise Cleaning Service is prepared to treat your home or office with the care and consideration our clients have come to expect.


  1. All work is 100% guaranteed
  2. Reasonable and competitive fees
  3. Highest quality service and materials
  4. Only 100% Non-toxic products used
  5. Honest, dependable labor
  6. Regularly scheduled inspections
  7. Safe cleaning procedures
  8. Immediate response to extra requests
  9. Planned maintenance programs
  10. Modern methods used

More on what we do and use when cleaning your home.