Sunrise Cleaning Service Cleans Up City Hall

by Sunrise Cleaning on August 21, 2013

Santa Cruz City Hall is getting an overhaul and we’re part of the cleanup crew! Sunrise cleaning service was asked to assist with the cleanup of this historic building. We’ll be wiping everything down and helping them get ready for a much needed update. They’ll be bringing in sleek big screen TVs and other electronics to help make meetings more productive.

The offices of the City Clerk, City Manager and City Council are located in downtown Santa Cruz’s City Hall. The architecture and gardens with multiple fountains are reminiscent of Santa Cruz’s early days as a mission.

Cleaning this type of building takes special care, due to its age and the specialty woods used in the chambers. Sunrise Cleaning series is equipped for this type of job because it uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and has experience working with this type of wood.

We are thrilled to be a part of the City Hall cleanup. We take pride in all of our work and look forward to helping make the old City Hall look like new!

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