Do you clean up for your Cleaning Service?

by Sunrise Cleaning on June 4, 2013

How to prepare for a housecleaner

The housecleaner is arriving in 10 minutes and you’re in a panic—the bathtub is filthy, the coffee table has a ton of mail piled on it and you still have to finish styling your hair. Wait— the whole point of hiring a cleaning service is for them to do the work so you don’t have to. Resist the urge to completely clean your house before your cleaning service arrives, but know that a little prep work can go a long way. It will make your house easier to clean for the cleaning service and leave more time for your house cleaner to tackle the really tough stuff. Here’s what you can do:

Pick up the Clutter

Take a few minutes that morning or the night before to pick up your place—we all have clutter, some more than others, and most cleaning services are used to it but think about how much stuff the cleaner has to move to clean under or around. Group things together or pile up your papers. If you have a lot of bathroom/dresser-top items, put them in a basket or cabinet for the day. Put toys away in the toy box and pickup the cat’s toys so they don’t have to before vacuuming. Saving worker’s time on non-cleaning related activities translates to more actual cleaning time for your dollar.

Wash Your Own Dishes

Since dishwashing is a job that must be done properly and carefully, it can be a rather time-consuming task. So unless you just hate doing dishes, you might prefer the worker’s time be spent doing more energy-intense tasks. Taking the time to empty your dishwasher and drain board means your cleaner will have more time to devote to cleaning the sink, countertops and stove.

Leave a note, or Chat with your Cleaner or the “State of the House”

Several of my clients like to chat with their cleaner at the start of their appointment. They like to let them know about the “state of the house”. Another words, “the kitchen needs extra attention, don’t move the pile of papers on the counter”, or “the kids bedroom floor has a sticky spill on it.” All of this will help your cleaner asses the work that needs to be done and make the most out of your appointment.

These are some tips from Sunrise Cleaning Service to make sure that you get the best results from your cleaning experience.  Give us a call for your FREE estimate–we will tailor the cleaning to be exactly what you want–no more, no less.

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