Cleaning Up Greasy Messes Naturally

by Sunrise Cleaning on May 28, 2013

Greasy spills can be tough to tackle but with a little know-how and some basic kitchen supplies, you can be grease free without toxic chemicals in no time!  Here are a few tips to keep you grease-free.

How To Clean Grease on the Floors or Stove

To prevent wet grease spills from spreading try sprinkling the spot with flour to help soak up the excess oil.  Let the flour to sit on the spot for a few minutes, and then brush off the loose flour. Finally, use a paper towel to wipe up the remaining greasy paste.

How To Clean Dried-on Grease Spots

Time to go back to basics for this one. Just mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of water.   Using a little elbow grease, rub the greasy spot with a sponge soaked in the solution. The grease should come up without too much effort.  To finish the job use a lint-free cloth and clear water to wipe off the surface.

How To Clean Greasy Appliances

Good old white vinegar to the rescue!  Vinegar works because the acid in the vinegar cuts through the grease.  You can make your own de-greaser by using a two to one ratio of water and vinegar. Just fill a spray bottle with one part white vinegar and two parts clear water.  Spray the solution on the greasy surface and wipe clean. It’s that simple!  Some people will add a drop or two of liquid dish soap. If you do that be sure to rinse with plain warm water.  Some folks suggest just using plain white vinegar without the water, but sometimes that can be to strong.  Be sure to test on a small area before using on finished wood surfaces or tile and do not use on marble.

As with all cleaners, you should avoid contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin.

So go ahead and use that fryer and don’t be afraid of greasy spills—you have the tools you need right in your kitchen to make it sparkle and shine in no time, for less money and without toxic chemicals!

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