How to Pick a Cleaning Service

by Sunrise Cleaning on May 23, 2013

Start with your Friends or Neighbors

See if you can get a recommendation from a neighbor. Word of mouth and referrals are one of the best ways to get a reliable cleaning service. It’s a big deal to let someone into your house, so trust is important. If your neighbor or friend has had good luck with a service and trusts them, chances are you will too.

Be Clear About Your Needs

Make sure you communicate your needs to your potential cleaning service.  Let them know you have a special way to clean a piece of furniture or a special polish for Aunt Susie’s antique glass mirror. Are they flexible and willing to work with you?  Do you have pets and require litter boxes to be emptied and cleaned, carpets to be spot treated regularly thanks to little dogs that miss their mark?  Whatever you need be sure to communicant it during your initial meeting or estimate. Be clear about your needs and be clear about what the service will and won’t do.

Employees Can Make Difference

I believe good employees are the soul of a business. To have great employees, you need to have great training programs, reasonable pay, and good benefits. Employers who don’t provide that for their employees often end up hiring less than superior employees. That often means the employees are not invested in their work and may end up cutting corners when cleaning.  Finding a service that pays their employees well may cost a little more but in the end, it can mean a much cleaner house for you.

Know the Right Questions to ask:

  • Do I get the same house cleaner each week?
  • How are your employees compensated?
  • What if I need some extra work done—how do I let you know?
  • Do I need to be home to let my cleaner in?
  • What happens if I am not going to be home?
  • Can I cancel a regular service once if needed?
  • Are your employees bonded?
  • What happens if an employee gets hurt while cleaning at my house?
  • Do you provide your own cleaning supplies and tools?
  • What things don’t you clean?
  • Are your cleaning supplies non-toxic to pets and people?
  • Do you give free estimates?

By knowing the right questions to ask and having a few good referrals you should be able to find a great cleaning service.

Sunrise cleaning service offers free estimates and can provide you with some great references. If you’d like to try us out, contact for a free estimate.

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