April 2013

Make Your Windows Shine with what’s in your Pantry

April 30, 2013

Commercial window cleaners can be very toxic and costly.  Did you know you can make a very effective non-toxic window cleaner with things found in your kitchen!  It will save you money and is safer for you and the environment. The common ingredient found in most window cleaning recipes is vinegar. Most say to use […]

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How Sunrise Cleaning Got It’s Start

April 23, 2013

I was raised on a farm, and my parents always knew how to provide good food for us while remaining environmentally and chemically conscious. When I moved to the environmentally-conscious Santa Cruz area I realized that how I grew up had a strong impact on my feelings about how one’s environment can really affect your […]

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I Need Help! My House is a Mess – where do I Start?

April 19, 2013

First of all don’t worry—you are not alone!  Everyone needs a little help now and then to get on the right track. Sometimes all you need is a one-time deep cleaning or maybe you would prefer a weekly or bi-weekly visit to help keep things straight. Some folks just need a monthly visit from a […]

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