Do Your Kids Have Paws?

by Sunrise Cleaning on February 5, 2013

Do your kids have paws? Mine do, and so do many of my clients’.  Our furry little critters are like my children. They have the run of the entire house, play like crazy and shower me with love.  They are indeed like children.  And like children they can be messy.  Between pet hair, dander and carpet stains our four legged friends can create havoc in our homes.

According to the National Asthma Center, about 5-10% of Americans are allergic to pet allergens. Dander, also known as shed skin scales occurs naturally, as a process of renewing the outer layer of skin. It does not take much dander to cause an allergic reaction, and because it is so small and light, dander can remain airborne for hours. Allergic reactions can occur even if the allergy sufferer never handles the pet.

What can you do? With a little common sense and some of the tips below, you can co-exist peacefully and somewhat allergen free with your four legged friends.

Some of the best ways to reduce pet dander:

  • Neuter male cats and dogs to lower their allergen production.
  • Vacuum with a good HEPA filter vacuum cleaner twice a week.
  • Wash hands immediately after contact with pets.
  • Use a steam vapor cleaner to clean your home, rugs and upholstery.
  • Put filters on bedroom ventilation grids.
  • Washing pets twice a week can reduce allergens by 85%. Also, use a damp microfiber cloth to rub down pets regularly.
  • Wash bedding in hot water once per week.
  • Clean floors and walls with electrostatic cloths which attract and hold pet hair and dander.
  • HEPA air filtration, regular vacuuming and cleaning of floors and using special products on the pet to control dander are effective ways to manage pet allergies.
  • Use Immune Boosting Essential Oils (See my blog on Allergies and Essential Oils)

Sunrise Cleaning Service takes great care of your home and pets while we work, we have a variety of special cleaning services and techniques for pet owners or property managers with pet related cleaning needs. All of our cleaning products are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety when we clean your home. Get more information on our Pet Friendly Cleaning Service.

I love my little furry four legged kids and I know how much you do too—share a photo of your “four-legged” kids with us!

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