The Truth About TV Time

by Sunrise Cleaning on October 25, 2012

While contemplating the future of my Sunrise Cleaning blog posts I started thinking about the way I was raised. I moved around a lot and lived in several different areas of the US; during that time I experienced the way that people live in different areas.

While visiting some of those areas I have seen the changes (or lack of changes) in the way the environment is treated with the products people are using in their homes and on themselves.

It made me wonder—what actually influences people of my generation to purchase the products that they use.

Then I thought “well of course a lot of it is television!” I was raised on TV it was my babysitter. All of the advertisers have a mass of people that tune in every day to watch the latest episode of the next best sit-com or reality show. (I know what you’re thinking, don’t get me wrong I loved the free advertising we got from Hoarders but really I could have used a couple of minutes in there to get on my all-natural soap box about toxic chemicals).   Luckily I was able to break free of regular televised “programming” (pardon the pun) and have enjoyed watching very educational computer based selections of my own choosing over the last 10 years. Check out “The truth about TV time: 15 things every parent should know”.

So to get you thinking about how you are influenced to buy the products you do, keep track of the reason you are buying a particular product. Is it because you heard it worked great? Did your mother use it for years? Do you like the commercial for it you saw on TV? Then ask yourself  is there a better alternative?

If you’re not sure what to replace that toxic product with that would be a better choice for you and your home, you can consult the internet or call me. I would be happy to help you find products you and your loved ones can live and breathe easier with for years to come.

So, what does influence you to purchase products?

Signing off,

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