Illuminating Aluminum

by Sunrise Cleaning on September 28, 2011


It is a scientific fact that the largest organ of our body, the skin, is also a gateway to the interior of the body through absorption. Underarms in particular are receptive sites for chemical absorption. Women who shave their underarms also open up the skin further to allow that absorption.

Advertisers have force-fed the public the idea of chemical prevention of perspiration and odor. Aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum chlorohydroxide works by blocking pores to prevent perspiration, while possibly leading to neurological damage.

Aluminum is a toxic metal found in numerous studies to be in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. It is also believed to cause skeletal damage in infants and adults. 

So how do we eliminate the possibility of body odor without exposing ourselves to harmful ingredients? Is the only answer to use chemical-laden deodorant?

There are an array of non-chemical and natural products in the stores today. The key is to read ingredient labels and look for herb and plant-derived ingredients.

A few other things to avoid are: cooking with or having your hot food come in contact with aluminum foil or foil-like wrappings. Also, avoid products packaged in aluminum. The best items I have found to cook with are glass pots and pans!

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